Feb 12, 2009

My Recent Journey

CALIFORNIA. These 10 days were a fantastic first chapter. In San Jose I enjoyed my cousin Anna’s soccer game, connecting with Pastor Tim Gallaher of Saratoga Federated Church, scrumptious food and lively family fellowship on Thanksgiving, and overall good moments with my grandparents and my uncle Darren. Santa Barbara, and Westmont College (after the Tea Fire), was a whirlwind of visiting many college friends still in the area, professors, coaches, and favored local sights. I am so thankful for the visit. I was truly blessed to reconnect with everyone.

Above: Mama preparing some cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving

Above: An iconic shot of Papa videotaping Anna’s soccer game.

Below: My friend Eric and I before a sunset run on the beach.

GERMANY. Being home after a 2 year absence was all I hoped it would be: rejuvenating and renewing with regards to the future. It was also invigorating to return to the beauty of the Black Forest region. I had actuallynever spent time home with my parents without my sister’s presence, which was different, but also another blessing. The first couple of weeks were spent helping my parents and friends finish the BFA school semester. I enjoyed time with my friend Andrew at a home basketball game, and became a willing “slave” to Alyssa and Rebecca as they sought to facilitate a student and faculty art show at the BFA Christmas Concert. Tab and Ryan arrived Christmas Eve, who I had not seen since their wedding inJuly 2007. The following two weeks were thoroughly family oriented as we celebrated Christ’s birth and the transition to the New Year. Happy 2009 everyone.

1st Below: BFA ’03 classmates Andrew Tebbe and Alyssa Smith (RA and art teacher), and friend Rebecca Beeh (also art teacher)

2nd Below: At a German art studio with friend and fellow STAND facilitator Ramona Sebald, as well as Alyssa and Rebecca

A definite highlight was my first solid one-on-one time with Ryan, in which we went snowboarding twice: once in Germany and once in Switzerland. Tab and Ryan left one week before my own departure, and during that time I had further God-driven conversation with my parents about vocation. I eventually recalled certain strengths and passions, suddenly uniting with my already developing STAND vision, to create a renewed sense of calling. Overall, my time away from Colorado was very fruitful. I heartily thank all who contributed to what was gained. God is definitely at work, and I am eager to share more and partner with you all in future service for the Kingdom.

In Him, JOSH

Below: Christmas day with my sister Tabitha, brother-in-law Ryan Fultz, as well as Mom and Dad

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