Dec 14, 2009

Faces of a Broken World

If the world is indeed full of frail, lonely people, then how is it (or are they) to find any hope of persevering against a face of utter despair unless a few rise up from their own brokenness to offer what little strength and hope remain? For only then can the cracks begin to mend. Only then, through the grace and for the glory of God, can the world be made whole again.

Therefore, rise up. Rise up and stand with the face of a servant and the heart of a conqueror; for the sword of redemption has already long been at hand. It merely waits for us. It waits for us to rise from the shadows to receive the source of its light. It waits for us to wield such hope against despair.

Let it be so, and the world shall be set free. Let it be so, and we, its fragile people, shall find peace. Now and forevermore. AMEN.

Dec 7, 2009


Christmas is a time of celebration. A time to celebrate the memory of Jesus' birth: the first coming of the Son of YHWH to the world, which had been anticipated for generations. Celebrate that when he came, it was the greatest act of redemption--and the most blatant act of war--the world has ever seen. But it is also a time to celebrate the second coming, that unknown point in history when Jesus shall return to conclude the matter and lead the world into an era of unparalleled peace.

So, express the joy of such hopeful anticipation wherever you are this season. Celebrate through the delight of friendships and family, the freedom of giving, and the expression of worshipful song. Together, let us continue to open our hearts for the beautiful riches and depth of this Christmas season.

To God be all glory and honor, forever and ever. AMEN.