Apr 16, 2013

Can someone live a sincere Christian life as a homosexual?

This question is part of an extremely divisive subject - one that has weighed upon my thoughts lately, particularly as it calls the Church to take a stance that will not only affect people, but the image of Christianity in many if not most of its host cultures. While I have had a couple rich discussions on the matter, I do not yet wish to expound on any conclusions. They are forming, but not yet ripe for textual expression.

In the meantime, therefore, I do wish to share a contrasting voice to much of what I have perceived in popular media - whether from [so-called] conservatives or liberals:

Ravi Zacharias is an incredibly respected religious scholar across the globe. To me, his response to the question is profound because it is so reasonably balanced. It seems neither blatantly reactionary nor excessively permissive. I admire his forthrightness, his confident clear expression of ideas. I admire that he treats the subject as more complex than some may attest, how he uses the great theologian, Henri Nouwen, as an example. And I admire his questions to the question.

May his thoughts add wisdom to the discussion.

[Alas, the original video in question is no longer available; therefore we'll have to be content with the following:]

Zacharias' approach to the subject through a more sociological and theological framework:

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J.D. Grubb said...

For a very thoughtful review of the subject as it relates to the law: http://betterlivingthroughliberty.com/2013/04/29/same-sex-marriage-in-a-free-society/. Cheers.