May 3, 2011

Between Meadow and Sky

Alaudidae, a progressive fusion duo comprised of Myshkin musician, Joshua Grubb, and professional singer, Regina Davis, have put together a musical sketchbook of original music developed during their brief time together earlier this year. Though more a collection of musical ideas, their album, "Between Meadow and Sky", offers a diverse sampling of beautiful melody and stirring poetry. So please support them by going to and downloading their 8-song album for FREE.

For those familliar with Redwood's music, the album includes an older version of "Miles and Ocean Apart" featuring the mandolin, as well as newer forms of "Lay Down," "Ainulindale," and "The Triune Dance of the Forest Lord, Part I." Alaudidae really appreciates your support and feedback. Please share the music with all.

Furthermore, it is not too late to download Myshkin's recent musical sketchbook, "There was Music", which offers a similiar progressive fusion sound enhanced by the skilled fiddle playing of Tyler Griffith and musical/engineering creativity of Elliott Irby. Go to for their FREE 15-song album.

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