May 29, 2012

Marriage Doesn't Solve Your Problems

Wait, what?

Whether you have heard this comment or not--or believe it for that matter--I am inclined to suggest that Debra K. Fileta's recent article, "Marriage Doesn't Solve Your Problems", succinctly summarizes a healthy perspective on marriage.

Even with all the chaos modeled in modern-day marriages all around us and the national divorce rate consistently hovering at 50 percent (with only 50 percent of those who remain married reporting that they are happy in their marriage), somehow the idea of marriage still gets idolized beyond reasonable expectations.

What a strange phenomena.

Perhaps The Beatles were right: "All you need is love." Yet the meaning behind that word . . . Love is so dynamically complex and beautifully whole, so unfathomable to our tangible mortality, that therein lies some of its irresistable allure. Perhaps we should be more wary about our approach, for it is a dangerous idea. Born from a breath, from a word--from the Word. A devastating Word. It brings a sword. A transformative Word. It brings peace. A curious word. A promising Word. A Word born of words, giving rise to words. Hope. Victory. Faith. Meaning. Truth.



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