Sep 3, 2012

Mazama's Watery Grave

Crater Lake is probably the most stunning lake that I have ever seen in the United States. Lake Tahoe comes just behind it, though still trumps the aforementioned watery grave of Mount Mazama in terms of recreational potential. Nonetheless, Crater Lake is simply more untamed. Beneath its glimmering blue surface lingers a sleeping power: the potential to violently and quite drastically change the environment once again (think Mount St. Helens). Therein lies some of Crater Lake's mystery and appeal. Last Wednesday, I spent a mere hour absorbing some of its beauty en route to Lake Tahoe (curiously enough). It was a teaser, to say the least. I have days of exploring left to do, for the lake is an American gem. Another aspect of its blessing is its lack of proximity to any major city, hence seeming to be much less visited--or known--than other natural treasures like Lake Tahoe or Yosemite Valley. Furthermore, it is a worthy stop along the early Cascade Mountain portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. What a glorious place. Be sure to visit it next time you are in Oregon. Believe me, it is worthy as a detour or better yet as a destination. In the meantime, as you now rush to book your flight, rent a car, or ensure that your personal car will not fall apart along the way, here are a few teasers of my own. God bless.

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