May 10, 2013

What are you trying to understand?

What questions are unsettling you?
What topic(s) interest your time and energy?

Dear reader, I would be honored to know. I want to ponder with you, to struggle with life's paradoxes and complexities alongside you - to consider the lands that your eyes see: the places where your hopes and despair reside. This is my desire - as a writer, yes, but also as another human being. I explore language and attempt fresh perspective because of you. Let us continue this curious conversation together.

In a sentence or a phrase, or even a word - whatever you fancy - please share what is most compelling to you as a reader or writer right now in the comment thread below. I intend to write on all of it, for whatever that is worth: to share some of my own musings and struggles and/or to direct toward wiser minds. To see where the road less traveled by may lead.

Soli deo gloria. 


Larissa Wunder said...

I spend a lot of time reflecting about the concept of grace.

Saskia John said...

what his will for me
will turn out to be and for the world or times we live in...
Still trying to figure it out..

Bless you.

Are non-native speaker's opinions also of interest for you or rather not, as you would like to study language itself?

If not, I'd totally understand and was not going to bother you with my writing again... :)

J.D. Grubb said...

Thank you for sharing, Larissa and Saskia. Yours are profound and challenging ideas that I will certainly be writing about soon.

I always welcome comments from you and anyone else - English speaker, German speaker . . . anyone. Danke.

Saskia John said...

May we actually read it once you are done writing? Or will you be blogging it anyway???

Cause I love to read in English, especially Christian authors!!! Such as Michèlde Phoenix, who is my favorite writer at the moment...Or do you know Kenneth E. Hagin's "Plans, Purposes & Pursuits???
That covers the kind of theme I think of a lot lately ;)

Curry Fiend said...

I've been reading and thinking a lot about a new way of thinking and understanding the Bible, less as a collection of facts and more as an incomplete/imperfect revelation, which also gives me a rather different idea of God even. Due to all this, the idea of belonging to a church still is rather difficult, as I am coming to have pretty different beliefs but still seek to put Jesus and his teachings first. Any thoughts on having unorthodox beliefs and how to still integrate into a church, or if it's possible?

J.D. Grubb said...

Thank you for sharing, "Curry Fiend." Your question is very interesting. I will certainly be contemplating it and writing about it soon. Meanwhile, I am interested to know more. For example, What do you mean by "incomplete/imperfect revelation"? Or what different idea of God is currently forming in your thoughts?


Curry Fiend said...

I've recently come across the works of Peter Enns and a few bloggers who have finally helped me put into words the thoughts that nagged at me. I'm not sure I could spell it out quite yet, but I suppose it would fall into the category of the Bible revealing spiritual truths but its "historical" bits wouldn't necessarily be historical. The more I read about ancient cultures and notions of history and identity, the more this seems necessary. But also that perhaps even the revelations of God as seen in the OT aren't quite what He is either–both because He stoops to our level and so our understanding and ways of understanding have evolved as cultures, etc evolve. So what the OT author might say God is might stem more from his limited view than God's true nature. I suppose it might lead to a pretty standard "liberal" theology, but not having experience with "liberal" mainstream churches I'm not sure. I'm not sure if those lose the primacy of Jesus as ultimate revelation. Hopefully that helps to clarify some...