Dec 18, 2015

7 Keys to a Fulfilled Life

While the following is not necessarily exhaustive, I have found it to be foundational for peace.
  1. Confess that I need help, which includes welcoming human relationship.
  2. Foster a willingness to learn, which involves an attentiveness to look and see, to listen and hear.
  3. Combat the inclination to give up.
  4. Pray to God for faith and wisdom with the hope, courage, humility, patience, discipline, and celebration to nurture them.
  5. Practice what I learn, adapting as needed, thus allowing space for mistakes and the admittance of them.
  6. [Repeat 1-5]
  7. In all of this, actively pursue an understanding of love.
Or more plainly put: confess, learn, persevere, trust, practice, [repeat and keep repeating], love . . .

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