Having completed three novels, with four more currently in development - and many more planted in his thoughts - J.D. Grubb translates the dust of countless adventures into a language within which others might find something real and beautiful.

Samples of poetic, creative, and narrative writing style:

Layers of Dust
We the distance runners
Through the Rain
We are the Night Birds
For the Pioneers
The Feast of Black Mountain

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Anonymous said...

Love(d) your short-story!!!
Thank God we know the solution to this tragic ending :) There is someone !!!

Gabriel Williams said...


Send me ALL your writings and I WILL read them. I am happy to see that you are using the gifts God has given you! What great memories I have of Bear Trap and making music with you there. Man, I really miss it. If you're ever in NW Arkansas, give me a shout, I've got a spare bedroom and a recording studio with your name on it. Your book summaries have me interested buddy... Here's my email for your novels and short stories:


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